April, Week 3, A2

Lesson plan Lesson plan – a2 food Tutors’ Notes:   My thoughts: -I was really pleased with my final lesson! -I wanted to do something a bit different, creative and in line with one of my passions (food and cooking) -I think it was an interesting and creative way to learn imperatives and also food vocab, and I think the students really enjoyed it and … Continue reading April, Week 3, A2

Observations, Week 3, March, B1

Observations of other teachers, EC/spoken errors, thoughts This week during my observations I used the spoken errors observation form.  I noticed that a lot of times throughout the class, the instructors were correcting on the spot, which is great.  However I also noted a lot of the time they would simply repeat the sentence or phrase the student said but corrected.  I´m not sure the … Continue reading Observations, Week 3, March, B1

Observation, Week 4, March, B1

My lesson plan lesson plan b1 apple fbi Tutor´s Observations March Observation 4 -Great to include parts of speech with vocab, and do EC in between speaking activites (good incorporating feedback from prior lessons) but make sure to include stress on words -use a bigger font on projection & worksheets so easier to read -¨”out of respect” – maybe extend explanation since this came up … Continue reading Observation, Week 4, March, B1

Observation of experienced teacher, March

For my observation of an experienced teacher this month, I used the teacher talk time observation form: 2016-04-05 21-40 Reflections -I liked how he incorporated S talk time even into the intro to the class. As students were coming in (it took quite a long time for everyone to arrive as it was over the Ss lunchtime at work) he asked them about their holidays, … Continue reading Observation of experienced teacher, March

Observation, Week 3, March, B1

Lesson plan lesson plan b1 letter from fred video Tutors´Observations March Obsevation 3 Always have a language focus- this would’ve helped extend the lesson to 90 minutes. When board vocabulary, make sure you mark the stress and word type- This is your challenge for your next observation. I want you to plan how you will incorporate this into your next lesson. Think about re-ordering stages … Continue reading Observation, Week 3, March, B1